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Gator Hunts:

Since 1987, Jim has been a licensed Nuisance Alligator Trapper for the Florida Fish and Game Conservation Commission. In that time he has removed more than 2000 alligators from backyards, swimming pools, carports, canals, bays, inlets and any other imaginable place a alligator can hide.

In 2003, the Game Comm. passed a new rule that allows the public to purchase an agent's license, which falls under the trapper's license, ride with a trapper and participate in the capture of a nuisance gator. This allows the trappers to book hunts, no different than booking a hunt out west. About 95% of the hunting will be done at night when gators are most active. The most commonly used method is the handheld harpoon, a headlight, and a very quiet, stealthy approach.

THIS IS A HUNT OF A LIFETIME, so bring your camera.

Price of hunt per individual:
$1000.00 a night
$2750.00 for 3 nights
Price allows individual 1 Alligator up to 8 feet.
A trophy fee of $50.00 per ft. on Alligators 8’ 1” & above.
A processing fee of $10.00 per ft and $3.00 per pound for packaged/boxed meat.

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